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BBC Trip

MEMBERS enjoyed a close look at Doctor Who's Tardis and the chance to present a weather forecast on a revealing tour of BBC Television Centre. Their trip to the TV studios in White City, west London, was led by an experienced tour guide. Members saw how the TV news is broadcast and stood in the studios where many classic shows, including Blue Peter, Blackadder and Only Fools and Horses have been made. They got to inspect the Tardis from Doctor Who, while other members had the opportunity to present the weather. The friends also created a short news broadcast and others took part in a game show based on The Weakest Link. Group member Terry Little said: "This was the first opportunity I've had to go to the BBC studios. "I liked learninghowThe shows are produced behind the scenes and seeing the high-tech equipment used." Members also enjoyed a tour around some of the so-called haunted parts of London. The tour included visits to some of the best known sites in the capital, including London Bridge, St Paul's Cathedral and Monument, as well as various graveyards, local taverns and alleyways. A club spokesman said: "The members were fascinated by the historical events of these places. "Upon each visit they were told bone-chilling tales of ghost sightings, murders and bodysnatchers." The two tours are some of the many outings enjoyed by the group, which also include karaoke and quiz nights, and visits to the cinema, as well as day trips. They meet on Fridays from 8.30pm in the York room of Central Library, Clements Road, llford. For more information about the club, call Trevor Eley on 020 8553 0947, or Francesca Barclay on 020 8554 1364. To see a list of upcoming events, visit or tweet us @redbridge18plus

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