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Our Trip to Brighton

Recently Redbridge 18 Plus had a trip to the seaside town of Brighton located on the south coast. Most of us rode on the coach organised by member Sherry. It was a nice ride seeing lots of scenery and it didn't take that long either.

Upon arrival we had a drink in the local Harvester whilst waiting for the rest of the group to come as they'd travelled by train. Once we met up with them and everyone was accounted for, we took a walk along the pier. This gave us the opportunity to take photos of the group. Along the way, as in all seaside towns, we came across arcades with rows of fruit machines and slot machines. Some the group had a go and thought it might be their lucky day whilst others preferred staying outside gazing at the sea and looked at the many cafes and the flags of European countries.

Afterwards we did the traditional seaside thing, which was to have fish and chips, or just chips. Careful seagulls don't steal any of your chips. The way to prevent them from doing so is to stare at them. However, it’s a bit tricky if there’s loads of them. There was also one seagull just sitting on an outside cafe table. Probably waiting to be served.

We finished our meals and many of us decided to go to the Pavilion. Something else to cross off our bucket list. The Pavilion is a large palace built for King George IV, a slob of a king. It is a very beautiful building nonetheless with lots of Chinese artefacts and a beautiful chandelier which weighs a ton. There are also magnificent rooms filled with paintings of people connected with royalty.

Those of the group who didn't see the Pavilion choose instead to walk around the gardens. There was also a string band playing traditional classical music where you can sit and listen to. In addition, there was also another museum right in the corner of the gardens. It is a museum dedicated to the history of Brighton dating right back to the Iron/Bronze age. There are artefacts relating to the different eras some of which are the skeletons of the people who lived in those times.

After our excursions around the museums we got together for an ice cream back at the beach. The perfect end to a lovely day at the seaside.

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