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Redbridge Organises Charity Quiz

At the weekend we (Redbridge18 Plus) organised a charity quiz night in aid of the British Heart Foundation. This was located at one our favourite pubs, The Unicorn in Clayhall.

As a group we attend regular quiz on a monthly or sometimes weekly basis at three different pubs. So obviously we do enjoy them and organising our own quiz is quite exciting.

On the night there were a total of four teams who took part consisting of members, pub locals, friends and family. They answered a variety of general knowledge questions including transport, sport, literature and music. Its good to have different topics as people will be interested in or know different things. The questions were thought up by the four of us on the committee, two rounds each. There was also a picture round full of cartoon characters. A few people quite liked that round but it was generally music, TV & film, which were the favourite rounds. That's not so surprising, since quite a few people prefer entertainment.

The quiz cost a pound to play but the money was really made on the raffle. There were quite a few nice prizes that people donated, well there was the usual chocolates and wine but also DVDs, cuddly toys and books. What a nice selection. One of the prizes was a teddy with a heart attached to it, which was quite appropriate. Of course the teams and others in the pub made small donations. All in all we raised around £100, which is a nice sum of money for an evening but apart from that, the teams really enjoyed it. We really appreciate the Unicorn letting us use the pub area for a few hours.

Hopefully we will organise another charity quiz in the coming months as some people are already asking about it.

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