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Messing about on river is a real plus

Members of a Redbridge social group had a week of fun messing about in boats in a tourof the Norfolk Broads earlier this month. In two boats, Redbridge 18 Plus members travelled down the waterways from Potter Heigham, through Great Yarmouth and on to the ancient city of Norwich. Sights on the way includ­ed the ruins of Burgh Castle and St Benet's Abbey, which was destroyed during Henry VIIIs Dissolution of the Monasteries. A range of local wildlife, including herons and king­fishers, could be seen and the group toured "pictur­esque villages' and towns. Local tipples were also sampled at Woodforde's brewery, which produces Norfolk ale. Member Elliot Barclay said: "It was an excellent holiday, very relaxing and everyone from the most experienced to the newcom­ers had a try at the helm to steer the boat and help with the moorings when we stopped."

Redbridge 18 Plus Is a so­cial group offering organised events and trips for 18 to 40 year olds. The group meets on Fri­days at Redbridge Central Library, Clements Road. ll­ford. from 8.30-10pm. All welcome.

• For more information, call 020 8553 0947, 020 85541364 or visit

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