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From a Cathedral of Sewage to the glories of the London Olympic Sites

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

A medal-winning day out was enjoyed by members when they went for an Olympic guided walk. Beginning at West Ham Underground station, the group climbed up to the Ju­bilee Greenway walking path for a scenic route through to Stratford. Passing Abbey Mill Pump­ing Station, known affec­tionately as the Cathedral of Sewage and designed by fa­mous engineer Joseph Ba-zalgette, the members took in the views of the Olympic site.

From a distance, they en­joyed the view of the Velo­drome, Aquatics Centre and the Olympic Stadium as they were informed by a guide about the transformation of the site. Group member Kerry Mann said: "It was an enjoy­able walk with a very in­formative guide. "It was amazing to see the transformation of the site from its previous condition to the present, with all the cutting-edge stadia and fa­cilities." The day finished with a look around the visitor cen­tre overlooking the site and left the group full of excite­ment ahead of the Games this summer.

A trip to the Norfolk Broads is the next major event for the group who usu­ally meet on Friday eve­nings at Central Library, Clements Road, llford.

Anyone wishing to find out more about forthcoming events should contact chair­man Trevor Eley on 020 8553 0947

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