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Getting Back On Track- Seven Kings Park and Hainault Forest

Updated: May 16, 2021

It was a warm, mostly sunny day when we met for another walk, this time in Seven Kings Park.

There was also another walk though Hainault Forest. Francesca organised the walk I was on where we met 4 other people. We continued though the park towards a small stream which we crossed over. The park on this side was a bit wilder than the main park, so we stayed on the path to do a bit more exploring. We saw a lot of dandelions and daisies, it was like a carpet. On the other walk organised by Sherry at Hainault Forest, where she meet Diane and Kim, they saw some geese with their young; some of the goslings looked a bit older as they were moulting. It is great to do these things with other people again even if we can only meet in limited numbers.

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