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Getting Back on Track on a Park Walk- Valentines Park

Updated: May 9, 2021

We met up at the entrance near Cranbrook Road in Valentines Park, only up to 6 people could meet but it was great that we could see each other again and hopefully there will be many more meetings to come. There were two groups of 6 which met at different times. The park wasn't that busy considering it was a nice day and we made our way to the Mansion where the gardens were nice to look at. There was an owl overlooking the Mansion; it probably comes out at night. Then we proceeded to the old tree in the middle of the park. There is a small lake behind the tree where there were some geese and ducks. We then continued on to the former pitch & putt ground; it was a bit overgrown but you can now walk through it. We finished off at the boating lake; there were a few people using the boats on the lake. There will be another walk with the club in a couple of weeks’ time.

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