This is a social group for people aged 18-65 who want to make new friends and have a varied social life packed with a variety of activities.

Future events lined up for the next programme

All the events for the next 3 months from April to June 2020                       

Upcoming Local Events

Friday 3rd April - TBC

The club is CLOSED, please bear with us, we will be back as soon as it's safe, we are not going away

Keep in touch by EMAIL, PHONE or Social Media while we are stuck at home. 

New Members

If you would like to join the group please email us at and we will email you back when we are going to re-start the group. 

Sunday 21st June

Plusser Zoom Meetings

While we are not at the club, if you world like to join us online email us at and we will send you the code. 

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Future Events

Fri 13th - Mon 16th November

WASH Weekend

Woodland Holiday Park, Cromer. Come down to the club on Friday from 8.30pm at Goodmayes Community Centre if you would like to go.

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Postponed until Week or Weekend starting 1st May 2021

Norfolk Broads

Come down to the club on Friday from 8.30pm at Goodmayes Community Centre for times and where to meet and to pay your deposit if you are going for a week or long weekend starting Saturday 1st May 

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News of our club
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Club Events

On Club Nights:
Crystal Maze
Indoor Car Rally
Cryptic Clues
Question Time


Weekend/evening events/day trips:

Meals out
Pub of the Week
Pub Quiz
Trips to London

Pizza and Pub



Holiday Guide

Norfolk Broads

King's Lynn Mini Break


Kennet Avon Canal



Butlins (Bognar Regis)



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