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A Fair Walk to Fairlop Waters

Finally after many months of being stuck in our homes we can go out into the open air and start meeting each other. Granted we can only meet up with a limited number of people but still at least we can see each other.

One of the walks people had choose to do was Fairlop Waters, which in case you don’t where or what it is, it’s a country park with a lake situated in the middle, just north of Ilford and Barkingside. It is a very picturesque area. I have been there many times in the past, in the playground area when I was a child and taking part in a boat race for charity some years back. As I recall I have only been to Fairlop Waters with the Redbridge group once previously.

As we entered Fairlop Waters Country Park from the entrance at Fairlop Road we walked straight over to the lake. The lake looks vast and there were many geese and ducks on it. As we walked around we saw there were many trees, bushes and other vegetation around the lake. In many places it can quite difficult to walk right up to the lake. We then approached the boat yard area. Many of the boats were not in use but it still nice to look at them. We continued to walk round and still there were much vegetation covering the lake. This is until we came to a viewing point. This is where we could sit or stand, whatever we prefer, and view the lake. In the middle of the lake there is a small island where only birds venture to. All of it looked breath taking and peaceful. Many say that it is good to be in touch with nature so how; it does make you feel so much better.

We continued to walk along and at some points the geese and ducks came right up to the share line. Some geese even had baby geese or goslings with them. They are less featured than their parents and are a lot furrier. It is of course the season for them to be born and it is a pleasure to see them.

We walked a bit further until we came past the boathouse, up a small hill where a Remembrance Memorial is located, until we ended up where we had started.

The members who came said it was a very enjoyable afternoon and hopefully they can attend many other walks in the coming weeks and months.

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Paul Matty-Martin
Paul Matty-Martin
Jun 27, 2022

Nice well written piece

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