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Awards For Events & Support To Local People

A social group has been awarded for its excellent events and support for local people. Members of Redbridge 18 Plus had a lot to celebrate as they took home a clutch of trophies for their charity work, events and even their website. The society is part of a national network and won the awards at the annual East Anglia area conference held in Romford. The Best Group Trophy was for the quality of events put on by the group, which include day trips, holidays and regular quizzes and activity evenings.Support for the local area and efforts to promote 18 Plus groups were also assessed.They won the Roy Gordon Trophy for winning the most sports competitions and the charities award was shared with the Barking and Dagenham Group. Redbridge 18 Plus also won awards for publicity and having the best website. Member Trevor Eley said: "I am really pleased the group won the awards, as the members deserve them for the enthusiasm, dedica­tion and great spirit within the group. "Redbridge 18 Plus is a so­cial group offering organ­ised events and trips for 18 to 40-year-olds. The group meets on Fri­days at Redbridge Central Library, Clements Road, Ilford. from 8.30pm-10pm.

• Everyone is welcome. For more information, call 020 8553 0947 or 020 8554 1364

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