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100+ Miles of Scenic Waters

MEMBERS set sail for a picturesque week cruising along more than 100 miles of scenic waters. The group hired two boats during a visit to the Norfolk Broads. They started their journey in Stalham and travelled along 125 miles of water. Group treasurer Trevor Eley said: "It was sometimes touch and go for a while, but we always pulled through and despite the strong wind, we did not sink, unlike many of the other boats. It was a fan-tastic experience." Members visited villages, the seaside resort of Great Yarmouth and a wildlife reserve. They also went to the Humpty Dumpty Brewery in Reedham. Elliot Barclay said: "The Humpty Dumpty real ale was a great taste and is a great souvenir. "As for the boat, I loved travelling through Great Yarmouth and Breydon Water." The holiday is one of many events run by the group for 18 to 40-year-olds. They meet on Fridays from 8.30pm in Central Library, Clements Road, Ilford. For more information, call Mr Eley on 020 8553 0947 or email

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