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Pet Hates get put in infamous room

A Redbridge social group vented their frustration at their pet hates in their own version of television show Room 101 last month. Redbridge 18 Plus put on the "show" with their own cast instead of presenter Frank Skinner, to decide what would go in the room of no return. But their next trip, to the National Gallery, was more pleasant as they admired famous paintings by artists including Van Cough and Monet. There were also portraits of his­torical Figures and an cul­tural icons like The Beatles. Group member Francesca Barclay said: "I was very impressed by the sheer number of paintings and the variety of artists with works on display." Redbridge 18 Plus is a so­cial group offering organ­ised events and trips for 18 to 40 year olds. The group meets on Fridays at Redbridge Central Library. Clements Road, Ilford from 8.30-10pm

• For more information, call 02088830947, 02066641364 or visit

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