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Eventfull day at the dogs and museum

A busy and fun-filled weekend was had by members when they followed an evening of dog racing with a day exploring a war muse­um. Fluttering their hard-earned cash to varying degrees of success, the group thoroughly enjoyed the evening at Romford Grey­hound Stadium, London Road, Romford although it left some with slightly light­er pockets.

Those still reeling from disappointing photo finish­es had little time to regret their misfortunes as the group visited the Imperial War Museum in Lambeth Road, central London, the following day. Taking a tour through the trenches of 1915 and London's crumbling Blitz-bombed streets, the group experienced a glimpse into the lives of soldiers on the battlefields and the British public affected by the Second World War. Members also explored exhibits showing weapons used in war, as well as famous tanks and the horrors of the Holocaust. Group member Terry Lit­tle said: "It was fascinating with lots of information regarding the wars and the hardships and horrors involved, and was very thought provoking." The group is open to new members and meet most Fridays at Central Library, Clements Road, Ilford at 8.30pm. To find out more call Trev on 0208 553 0947 or go to our website

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